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Seeking Nominations for Chair and Secretary

Updated: Jul 15, 2018


In our July newsletter, we asked for nominations for the two positions that are up for election this year. We also received a message from the Executive Committee (EC) regarding combining the Secretary and Treasurer postions as well as potentially adding one-two At Large positions. We wanted to give you a litte more info and personally invite you to reach back to us with nominations and questions.

We need to move forward as if this topic never existed; however, we anticipate EC board positions to be the first topic on the agenda. To that end, we will be accepting nominations for both the Chair and the Secretary as well as two At Large positions pending discussion and motion to amend the By-Laws. Ideally, we would like to see nominations from Virginia and Western NC or Charlotte to best represent our entire membership.

Note: A motion must carry in order to combine the Secretary and Treasurer along with amending the By-Laws to reflect addtional At Large voting members.

As we come down to the wire, please let us know if you are interested in a position or know someone you believe would be.

We have listed positons and discriptions below.

Executive Chair

  1. Preside over MAVOB meetings or appoint an EC member in his/her absence.

  2. Serve as chair of the Executive Committee.

  3. Coordinate the work and serve as an ex-officio member of all MAVOB committees.

  4. Keep informed of all membership activity, reports, ratings and communications to and from members, the EC, PAVO and NCAA Central Hub.

  5. Check on and oversee any annual reports to PAVO and NCAA Central Hub.

  6. Act as official representative of MAVOB to PAVO and NCAA.

  7. Rule on MAVOB matters of policy.

  8. Authorize payments of bills as submitted by the treasurer.


  1. Keep records of minutes of all MAVOB meetings.

  2. Send MAVOB communications and announcements.

  3. Keep a record of all MAVOB members.

  4. Publicize dates, times and places for all meetings, events, rating sites.

  5. Oversee all MAVOB web services.

Note: Committee Chairs and Treasurer send communications and announcements related to their duties.

At Large (NEW)

  1. At Large positions do not have an active set of responsibilites but would be expected to actively participate in EC email discussions, one-two meetings (online or live).

We would like to get candidates out to membership prior to the annual meeting. We will also accept nominations from the floor at the MAVOB membership meeting August 05.

Please contact us directly if you have a desire to serve, know someone or if you have any questions.

Darryl Buck and Stephen Koehler

MAVOB Election Committee

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