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MAVOB Hotel Savings Program

Receive discounts at Marriott hotels with your membership

Officiating, Business and Personal

Term: 12 months

Whether you are traveling to and from a match, for business or leisure travel, MAVOB members you can enjoy discounts on many Marriott and Sheraton Properties in the USA. Best of all, membership is FREE. The only requirements are (1) Marriott or Sheraton rewards member, which is also free and (2) a link to MAVOB. On top of great savings, you will also earn your valued points. This is a WIN WIN for year-round travel.

Join Now

  1. Select new application

  • If you are a Marriott Rewards member, enter your rewards number.

  • If you are not a Marriott Rewards member, click join now.

  1. Complete the registration.

  • Be sure to enter MAVOB as your organization or club

  • Membership type: College Sports

You can go ahead and book your rooms now for MAVOB Training Weekend even though you don't have your card yet.

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